Thursday, December 4, 2014

PROJECT #16 - iBook

iBook Project - Get Ready for a Trilling Ride Through EDM 310

Jennifer Cole, Sammi Taylor, Kyle Faxlanger, Caleb Fleming

For our last project, Group 6 (Jennifer Cole, Kyle Faxlanger, Caleb Fleming, Sammi Taylor) completed an iBook, which consists of a collection of different projects, videos, and blog posts that were done collectively and individually. Our theme was roller coasters. During EDM310, a student can have many ups and downs while working on assignments. (I personally have experienced some this semester.) There were a few twists and turns that we had to conquer. For example, the change of blog post #14 during the week it was due. Through all the assignments and deadlines, our group really learned the value of hard work and communication. We have truly enjoyed working together! We have experienced the trill and screamed our way thru the ride, (some turns enjoyable and some dips not so much enjoyable). As we get off and the safety belt is unlocked, we have to reflect on the lessons we have learned and take with us the skills we mastered to use in our future classroom. We have become lifelong learners! We hope Dr. Strange enjoys our iBook as much as we have enjoyed preparing for our last group project.