Friday, September 12, 2014


Title - Yearly Goal
For my first teacher comment blog, I was assigned to Shireen Damehr's Math Teacher Mambo blog. On her blog, Shireen Dadmehr gives a summary of her thoughts and feelings during the first week of school. She gives very high regards to her advisory students and she states that she loves her students especially since it has been a long time since she has seen them (the last time was when she taught Geometry). She gives a link to a quote.
100% Success Rate
This quote gives her inspiration and helps her cope with everyday challenges. Shireen Dadmehr ends her blog post with her theme: "take care of each other above all else". Her explanation of her theme is paper will be second to people. In my comment, I expressed that Mrs. Dadmehr is a great inspiration to her students. It is very clear that she enjoys being a teacher and loves her students. Her theme for the year is refreshing to a current student like me. I also included in my comment my Twitter account, a link to EDM 310 blog, and a link to my personal class blog. I stated I look forward to reading future blog posts and asked her if she had any advice for a future educator.

Title - Unit Circles and Radians
On this blog post, Shireen Damehr uses a fun and quirky way (News Alert Promos) to explain that kids are struggling with fractions. In her precalculus class, she tried a new method to teach special angles around the unit circle. She used templates of various radians and placed them on different color paper so her students could placed them in their notebook. She explains how she teaches different angles and references triangles in hopes to find "Fraction Geniuses" for the school year.
Keep Calm and Love Fractions
In my comment, I stated that I wish my Precalculus teacher in high school would have used this method of teaching. I explained I probably would have stayed in the class instead of asking for a transfer. I loved the way she used the different colors for the radians and special reference angles and had the students place them on separate sheets in their notebook, making it easier to understand in their studies. I also stated that I like how she uses non-traditional ways to teach math. In the future, I tend to direct my students that may be having problems in math to her blog, in hopes she will help them too. Finally, I included a link to this blog post for her to read.

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