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Mr. Dancealot

The central message stated in Mr. Dancealot video presented by Kari Johnson is all teaching should not be confined to I give the information , you take notes style of teaching. In the video, the professor stands behind a podium and uses powerpoint to teach dance steps. When a student tries to follow the steps, the professor orders him to sit down.Students are falling alseep and not paying attention. The author is demonstrating that students must be engaged in their learning. The author makes her case by showing when it comes time to actually dance, the students had no clue what do. Although they tried to use their notes, it was hard for them to interact with each other. Yes I do agree with Kari Johnson's theory on teaching. All teaching should not be done in the traditional way. Students, especially in a dance class, need to interact with their peers and practice with each other.

Teaching in the 21st Century

21st Century Teaching Tools
Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts is an innovative tool to get new educators to use all the technology that has been developed in the 21st Century. Roberts believes that the role of teachers is now obsolete if the teacher is only teaching facts and information. Students must be engaged not entertained. I am very excited to see the change in teaching formats. I want to get in the classroom now and start implementing the technology tools that were not available when I was in high school. This 21st Century style of teaching will affect me in a positive way. I want students to take the skills I have introduced to them in my class and used them in every day life. I definitely do not want to be labeled as a traditional style teacher. I have included an outline of the evidence and arguments that Roberts presented in the video. I hope that all future educators will use these tools in their classroom.

I. What does it mean to teach in the 21st Century?
A. If teachers could only provide
1. Content; facts; information
B. Our role as a teacher is obsolete

II. Students can find information anywhere
A. Blogs, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter

III. Teachers should be the filter of information not the independent source
A.What it means for the classroom of today
1. Rethinking the problems that are ask of students and the tools provided for their use
2. The tools are not distractions or temptations

IV. Engagement vs Entertainment
A. Tools are not for entertainment purposes only
B. Entertainment is not the same as Engagement

V. Where does it start?
A. It starts with YOU
1. Explore what's available
2. Start small
3. Use other teachers - Collaborate
4. Learn to take risks

The Networked Student

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler is a youtube video about the 21st century student and what that student will face in the new technology classroom. The question that was posed in the video was: "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" The video explains that the student must develop its' personal learning network (PLN). The student is using tools like Google and his mp3 player to develop his own blog and virtual textbook RSS reader. The teacher is there to encourage him to take advantage of every learning opportunity to further build his virtual textbook. The teacher is an organizer and a navigator for the student. She is there to make sure the student is excited about his work and getting the job done. I totally agree with this video. Although the 21st century student is being "groomed" to be an independent learner, teachers are needed to progress students and to help them maintain their PLN.

Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

In the video Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts by Vicki Davis, Mrs. Davis shows that even in a rural area in Georgia, technology can be used to motivate students to learn and connect them to the world. Mrs. Davis shows teachers how to use technology integration in their classroom. She teaches new words and expects students to look them up themselves. She looks for students' strengths and interests and structures the lesson around them. Mrs. Davis states she "believes the whole idea of turning the school upside down and empowering students to share with one another" will develop a better classroom for all students. Teachers should teach them to become thinkers not just learners. Mrs. Davis emphasizes that teachers do not have to know every skill in order to teach it. Teachers can become learners as well. She introduces technology like Digiteen, which students post their assignments and research where everyone can read it. I believe that this 21st century classroom promotes student involvement. The ideas and concepts that Mrs. Davis introduces should be introduced to all classrooms. When students are enjoying what they are learning, they are predisposed to continue to want to learn new educational trends.

Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?

In Who's Ahead in the Learning Race? by Dr. John H. Strange gives examples of different learning tools that have be implemented at Gulf Shores Elementary School in Gulf Shores, Alabama. During the video, he compares elementary students skills on technology and Internet programs to undergraduate and graduate students' skills. I believe elementary students are ahead in the learning race. Technology is readily available and being introduced to them at an early stage of learning as compared to when I was in high school. When I was in high school, computers were only used to play games and write reports. As undergraduates and graduates are starting to use computers for everything, I believe their skills will overtake those of elementary students. These students are being taught to take risk and venture away from the traditional way of using technology. As a future parent, I am glad that schools like Gulf Shores Elementary are providing each student with a Mac laptop or Ipad. There are so many different ways to use them more than you can paper and pencil.

Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom
Flipping the Classroom is a youtube video uploaded by Lodge McCammon that introduces to parents what flipping the classroom means and what it entails. It explains to parents what flipping is, why they have started the program, and how flipping is done. Flipping is a leading-edge approach where students can watch videos at home, practice problems, and come back to class the next day with questions for the teacher. It gives the teacher an opportunity to spend more time on perfecting the lesson instead of wasting classroom instruction time starting the lesson from the beginning. It is a way learning can become creative and enjoyable. I am very new to this style of teaching. Before EDM 310, I had never heard of flipping a classroom. I believe that all subjects including Physical Education can benefit from this style of teaching. This state-of-the-art style of using technology during teaching can be useful in my classroom. In Health Education, I can direct students to videos to show them how to properly select nutritional foods and have them compare and contrast their findings in class instead of first introducing the lesson in class. It will give me more time to concentrate on developing in-class projects and more interacting time among students during class discussions.


  1. The "Flipping Your Classroom" link is not working for me; be sure to go back and double check it! Also, on your pictures, type in "Source:" and then paste the link for the photo. Just check your ALT and title modifiers :) good post overall!

    1. Hi Jordan! I have the fixed the link to "Flipping the Classroom" and I fixed my ALT and title modifiers. Thank You

  2. Sammi, I love the spirit that you have about being ready to get into the classroom and implement this new form of teaching. I'm like you when it comes to your views on teaching in the 21st century. I feel as if though I can't wait to get my foot in the door and broaden my knowledge and those of my students. I do wonder what the roles of teachers will be like in the years to come. I think that maybe students will be more independent, but i also think that there will be something that students cant help themselves learn and that's how to interact with others. As far as flipping the classroom, it's also something that I had never heard of before seeing the video. It is something that could change the way that we think about education altogether. I'm ready for the change and I'm sure, by what i have read from you so far, you are as well.