Sunday, October 5, 2014


Civil War 1863 South vs North

This project gave me my first insight into how to develop a Project Based Learning lesson plan. Dr. Strange wanted us to work collaboratively with our group to practice developing plans for project based learning activities based off standards from ACCRS (Alabama College and Career Ready Standards) and materials found in ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange). Group 6 focused on 11th grade American History students. We wanted them understand the importance of the Civil War. Each group was given a driving question in order to present different aspects of the Civil War. We wanted them to explore what led to the expansion of the United States; discuss key figures and the roles they played during the battles; establish which border states were in the Union; and examine non militaristic events, for example, how the nation's division effected the economy and social reform in the South post-Civil War. Students were given three weeks to develop a media project along with a PowerPoint presentation. The students were required to use technology and be creative when organizing their project. For our lesson plan, we have included a Project Overview, a Project Calendar, an Essential Element Checklist, and a Group Rubric.

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