Saturday, November 29, 2014


Summary of my Personal Learning Network (PLN)

     Since blog assignment #5, my PLN has grown. At the beginning, I stated that the only way I knew how to build my PLN was through Twitter. I was so wrong! Not only have I mastered Twitter, but I have established relationships with other teachers from around the world. I am following all of my C4T's that were assigned to me. Some of them are even following me back. In the process of finding articles for my blog, I am linked to different health and physical education teachers. I visit their blogs at least once a week. I already have a full list of ideas I want to incorporate into my classroom. I am using Symbaloo to keep all of my favorite websites and links together. Pinterest has given me tons of creative art projects that I want to implement into my lesson plans. My next quest is to join LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to connect with others that are in your profession or share similar interests and it gives the option to attach a resume. This will definitely work towards my advantage when I start applying for jobs. I know my PLN will continue to grow as long as I take the time to search for other mentors and possible future colleagues. I am so excited about what the future holds!
Symbaloo front page with different apps and links

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