Sunday, November 2, 2014


Exploring Health and PE Topics

Kids Health and Nutrition Pyramid

For our second Project Based Learning Plan, Group 6 developed a project to introduce students to an American epidemic, obesity. In order to get students engaged in the topic, we had them watch a video called Fast Food, Fast Profits, Obesity in North America. After the video, the above picture was presented to the class and the students had discussions about different health and fitness topics. Some topics discussed were obesity in America, organic foods vs non-organic, and should kids lift weights. For the project, the students were divided into groups. Each group developed a driving question from the Common Core Standards for Health and PE. After establishing a driving question, the students were given a few days to begin research and work on media presentations. They were also required to interview someone that was knowledgeable and experienced in Health and PE. Students were given three weeks to complete the project. The days were mapped out for them on the Project Calendar. Students were able to present their group project at the Exploring Health and PE Topics Seminar Showcase. The next class day, students were given a peer review/grading rubric to evaluate their classmates' presentations. In order to make sure all requirements were met according to PBL standards, we checked the Essential Checklist. As a group, we developed Rubrics for group project evaluation, individual performance evaluation, and peer review/grading evaluation. Here is the Project Overview.

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